Suze Bienaimee, Interdisciplinary Artist — Painting, Poetry, Pushcart Prize Nominee, Photography, Sculpture, Video, Mixed-media, Creative Founder of StudioSeeds
(Suze Bienaimee is pronounced: Suzi  Be-in-AH-may) for Poetry
Nominated for a Pushcart Prize from Barrow Street Journal.
Artist Book/Chapbook by Suze Bienaimee, Spectrum Contemporary, Publisher, due in 2018. for Art
Suze Bienaimee is the featured artist. The purpose of is to present artists’ work free from the chaos and clutter of the internet — fine art for inspiration, questioning, wonder… for Inspiration
Interviews with inspiring people discussing the seeds of creativity. What inspires artists, poets, environmentalists, scientists, doctors, historians, collectors — people? What inspires you?

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A tribute in honor and in memory of James Lee Byars, Artist

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Suze Bienaimee  pronounced:
Suzi Be-in-AH-may