Poet’s Statement

I love reading, writing, poetry. I love words — the song, meaning, colors, juxtaposition — new, old and invented words. I especially love the power, magic and play of words.

To me, words and poetry mean choice, creativity and communication. I want to create a layered experience with a twist, tweak, transition or a quiet moment — a gift to the reader.

 When I write poetry I think of my poems as if I were painting with words on the tip of my brush and on my palette. I write “paintings” — to say in words what words cannot.

I find the challenge in poetry is trying to juxtapose the hard realities of life with hope and many times humor. I am hopeful and don’t want to add to or dwell on the multi-injustices of the world today, but more and more I want to bring these to light and still contribute hope, love, healing.

 Please enjoy my poems.

— Suze Bienaimee

Pronounced: Suzi Be-in-AH-may

Artist Book/Chapbook, Poems and Paintings by Suze Bienaimee
Spectrum Contemporary, Publisher

Suze Bienaimee, Poet. Also featured Artist on ArtNow.org and Creative Founder of StudioSeeds.com @StudioSeeds on Twitter and @StudioSeeds_Inspire on Instagram
Suze Bienaimee, Poet, Pushcart Prize Nominee. Also featured Artist on ArtNow.org and Creative Founder of StudioSeeds.com, @StudioSeeds on Twitter, Facebook and @StudioSeeds_Inspire on Instagram

ART BY SUZE BIENAIMEE: is in public and private collections in New York City, across the United States and abroad. Suze Bienaimee is currently the featured artist on ArtNow.org — a website with the purpose of presenting artists’ work free from the chaos and clutter of the internet — fine art for inspiration, questioning, wonder…

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Suze Bienaimee is the guest blogger in a tribute in honor and in memory of James Lee Byars, Artist

Suze Beinaimee pronounced:
Suzi Be-in-AH-may